Friday, September 4, 2009

Soured Wit/Gose with Cherries

Recently, I was de-stemming ~20lbs of sweet red cherries and getting ready to toss them in the freezer. I started thinking the extra 5-6lbs of cherries that I have and that I could use in an experimental beer (the rest are going in a kriek) When an idea occured to me that I posted on BA and Burgundian Babblebelt awhile back, but didnt get many responses. I was hoping to get a few insightful comments because at that time what the idea hadnt quite congealed in my head yet.

After a bit more thought, I decided I wanted....

1. A med-low gravity wit style grain bill ~1040-1050
2. Low hop rate ~15IBU
3. A small batch 2.5-3gal
4. to add ~6lbs of sweet cherries to the secondary, this one gets the sour from bugs!
5. to get it nice and tart from the dregs of calabaza blanca
6. to use a bit of indian coriander for the fruity pebble flavor it adds
7. to add some salt, Ive really been thinking about this since all the gose talk recently, and I think it will add a nice savoriness

Even looking at it now that seems like quite a few dimensions. It might be tricky to balance all those different flavors, but Ive played around with other complex beers like this before so I think I can pull it off. Only time will tell if thats just cockiness, but when I envision this beer I see a nicely tart fruity cherry wit. I want the sourness and the cherries to really shine, with the wit yeast and corriander playing a slightly more subdued role. I really think that sounds like an astounding beer. I think I will hold the salt until late in the game, and only do it if it tastes good in a small amount of beer.

Soured Cherry Wit/Gose
Malt Bill
All GrainExtract Equiv
Amt (lbs)TypeAmt (lbs)Type
2.25Pilsner3.25Wheat DME (Late Extract Addition)
2.25White Wheat5.0Black Cherries
5.0Black Cherries--
Amt (oz)TypeTimeAmt (oz)TypeTime
0.40Cascade (7.2%)600.3Cascade (7.2%)60
Mash Schedule
170F2qt/lb15min - vorlauf---
YeastBelgian Witbier WY3944 (frozen stock)
Calabaza blanca Dregs
85% effIBU16NAIBU16
5gal BoilFG-4gal Late ExtractFG-


Russ said...

You know, I don't usually swap homebrew via mail but I'm thinking that trading some traditional Gose for crazy-ass cherry Gose might be worth the effort. Oh, and thanks for your comment reassuring me that I didn't need any special heating element to sour my batch. Dropping down to a pH of 3.8 in a couple days counts as a success to me!

Ryan said...

Ha, I like it I think I should change the name to Crazy-Ass Cherry Gose

I havent done much swapping via mail myself either, but it might be worth it

Im glad yours is going well, hopefully it will be nicely tart when its done

Jeffrey Crane said...

I was wondering what commercial beers you harvested lacto from?

Ryan said...

Hmmm off the top of my head

Jolly Pumpkin

Its been awhile since Ive thought about it so Im sure there are a couple more. To isolate the lacto I did streak plates and then grew individual colonies (a technique I plan to write up soon)

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