Friday, August 14, 2009

Bavarian Hefeweizen Review

Appearance - A pale golden color, nice and hazy, a thick rich rocky white head that lingers slowly dissipating to moderate lacing

Aroma - Lots of banana, very spicy but not like clove in the slightest way, much as you would expect of a hefeweizen, although there is a strong fruity presence

Taste - As the first sip hits your palate there is a nice spicy phenolic presence that again is nothing like clove, this gives way to stong banana finish. There is a very pleasant fruitiness that is noticeable throughout the beer. A nice bready maltiness rounds out the flavor, you gotta love a tripple decocted hefe!! This beers been in the keg awhile so a majority of the yeast has flocc'd, so there is very minimal contribution to the flavor from the yeast, which is a bit of a dissappointment, earlier in this beers life it had a substantial yeast presence.

Mouthfeel - Very light, but has an incrediably creamy body to it, again I attribute this to the tripple decoctions and a heavy hand with wheat. Carbonation is a bit light for a hefe, but I really like it this way, it allows the phenols/esters to really shine and I think the body is more creamy because of it.

Drinkability - A good hefe, although if you were shooting for a weihenstephaner hefe your no where near your goal. I really like what Wyeast 3638 does in a hefe, Im not the biggest fan of hefe's in general and the additional fruitiness that you get from 3638 really makes the beer much more drinkable for me.

Notes/Thoughts - I really enjoy this beer, Ive used 3638 quite a few times now and this is the first time that its been very spicy upfront. Im not sure why I got that in this beer, I fermented fairly cool as Ive always done. In no way is this spice unwanted though. The spice really adds an additional dimension to the beer and makes it much more interesting.


Dan said...

Stop tasting stuff, and brew some beer, man!
Hefe looks gorgeous by the way.

Mark Rodenhauser said...

Hey Ryan, saw your most recent post about bug fixes and changes to the site. So, I thought I'd let you know that the Recipe & Notes link was broken on this page. Also, I much prefer seeing the recipe integrated in the actual post, but that might be just me.

Thanks for the great resource.

Ryan said...

I thought I had lost your comment, thanks for the heads up, It should be working now

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