Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vanilla Cream Soda

Its really hot here in Phoenix during the summers, so hot that even my dog will only scoot along in the shade when going out to relieve herself, if theres no shade, she holds it, even to the point you can tell she's hurting. Ive even seen kids frying eggs on the concrete and having pretty good success.

As a result my brewing slows down quite a bit during the summer. I mean its really hard to want to be brewing outside when its 110F+, and lately the humidity is killing me, monsoon season is here and its horrible to be outside. Fortunately Ive got a bit of homebrew to keep me going, but I am starting to run pretty low

So this week, to scratch my brewing itch, I brewed up a batch of homemade vanilla cream soda, all in the comfort of my kitchen (74F!). I don't normally drink much soda, but I love a good cream soda, it reminds me of summers as a kid running around my grandparents house getting into all kinds of trouble. Ive used various extracts in the past, but they never quite did it for me, and besides they were a bit too easy, So Ive brewed this one up from scratch from things I had around the house. Hopefully my first shot at a soda from scratch will turn out something drinkable

Shenanigans Cream Soda

5gal: FG: 1030

2.0 lbs Raw Honey
2.0 lbs Brown Sugar
0.5 tsp Molasses

8.0 oz Vanilla Extract (homemade vanilla beans + diluted everclear)

Take 1gal water, honey, sugar and molasses and bring to a boil, immediately pour into keg and mix with 4gal cool water, cool this down then add vanilla (go easy you can always add more)

Notes: I went light on honey/sugar to begin with as I'm not really sure how sweet I want this one, most extract recipes call for 3-6lbs of sugar, Id rather start light and add more to taste than have to dilute, same idea applies to vanilla, I think I could have added a bit of maltodextrin for body, but didn't have any on hand, it's currently in the keg carbing and chilling, I hope to post a pic and a review within the next few days

First Tasting - 8/2/09


Dan said...

I wish I could dedicate the keg space to making sodas. Unfortunately, with only two, I need to keep fermented beverages stocked. I'll be experimenting again with mead here this week.

Ryan said...

yah, or you could have finished beers ready for kegging in carboys

What you really need is another 3 or 4kegs, Ive started swapping out here and there for variety, its really nice to wake up and change one of you taps to have something different with dinner

Russ said...

Two quick notes... First (and you probably already know this) you'll probably want to keep a dedicated keg for soda. It's probably not as big a deal with cream soda as it is with root beer, but I've heard stories about the flavor leaching into kegs.

Second, if you want an authentic cream soda, you have to buy some whipping cream (half-and-half will do, but it's not the same) and pour a little bit into the bottom of your glass before filling it up with the soda. I read that's how they used to do it at the soda fountains (hence the name) and it's awesome.

Ryan said...

Hmm, Ive never had problems in the past with soda leaching flavor, but I will give it a long pbw soak to make sure

Ive read things like that about cream soda as well, even about adding ice cream to the glass to make it "authentic" I was just going for a more modern interpretation of the soda, but maybe next summer I'll try something a bit more historical

Anonymous said...

This may sound like a noobish comment, but is this non-alcoholic? as I can't see what you use to ferment and the time you let it sit.

Ryan said...

Anon - Yes it is non-acoholic, its just a cream soda recipe. I suppose you could ferment it a bit though but stop it halfway or so with campden to keep it sweet

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