Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pictish Ale Final Tasting

Appearance - A dark yellow with orange highlights, a bit hazy - very different from the last tasting, previously it was a very light golden color, oxidation seems to have set in....

Aroma - Sour, A tad barnyard, apples, subtle yeastiness, floral aroma is absent this tasting, and is a bit dissapointing

Taste - Pils sweetness, a bit of honey flavor but, all at the back of the tongue, fairly dry, carbonation a bit sharp now, leaves your mouth feeling dry reminiscent of drinking a good gin

Drinkability - Well this ones nothing like it was when it was younger, its displaying its age, and the lack of hops to stabilize things, definately something that was better when it was younger (~14mos old now)

Notes/Thoughts - I was thinking of making another batch of this soon, so I thought Id taste the last bottle I happened to come across, Im very disappointed in the last bottle, it was much much better even 3mos ago, this brew has most definately seen better days, Im not sure where the barnyard/fecal aroma came from, maybe this was a bottle that was "contaminated" with brett from other things I do, but at this point Im a bit hesitant to do another full batch, as its not an everyday drinker, I think a half batch would be good unless you drink it quickly (<10mos)>


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