Monday, June 1, 2009

Pineapple Sour / Cider First Tasting

Pineapple Cider(71B)Pineapple Sour (US05 + Lacto)
AppearanceSlightly Hazy, thin 1 finger very pale yellow head that dissipates, lots of bubbles, yeast isn’t very compact in the bottom of bottle and there are flocs that float in the bottom of the bottleVery clear pale yellow color, minimal bubbling, no foamy head, very compact lees in bottle
AromaLots of pineapple right up front, followed by some bready/yeasty notesVery subtle pineapple aroma, may be due to lower amount of carbonation releasing less volatiles, slight lactic aroma
TastePineapple juice up front, followed by some yeastiness mixed with more pineapple, very tasty, albeit a bit youngSubtle pineapple flavor, more wine-like, definitely more sour, has more alcohol in the finish as well, reminds me of an aged Berliner weisse with hints of pineapple
MouthfeelVery highly carbonated, champagne like, very nice mouthfeelLower carbonation, not really sure why, both were carbed to same level, feels much fuller bodied than the “clean” version
DrinkabilityGreat pineapple flavor, alcohol is there but very hidden, light body that makes it very easy to drinkSubtle pineapple flavor makes this more white wine like, interesting contributions from the lacto, although at this stage would prefer the other version
NotesStill far too young, needs another 3+ months in the bottle before I should taste again, with age yeasty/bready flavor/aroma should dissipate, hopefully the pineapple flavor/aroma wontThis is an infant for sour homebrew, and you can really tell, pineapple aroma is very subdued and that’s a bit disappointing at this stage. Not sure if the lactic acid works well with the pineapple flavor yet, but it may be just too young
ThoughtsI plan on making another version soon, and I plan on using my normal method for cider, which is adding only a small amount of juice + all sugar upfront, then add small additional amounts of juice as fermentation dies, in my experience this preserves the fruit flavor much better. I’ll probably also cut back on the sugar to reduce the alc% a bit, as it stands now both versions are far too young to do a very good review

Brewday - 1/19/09 Recipe & Notes

2nd Tasting - 3/3/10


Jeff said...


I don't know if you know or not but your pineapple sour/cider tasting has a blank matrix and no notes or info. I am interested in seeing how these beers come out.


Ryan said...

Hmmm, Im not sure why but this is a problem if your using Firefox, IE and others seem to work

Click and highlight the table and the text should be readable

Any HTML geeks out there that might comment on the problem with my table in firefox??? It might be worth a beer or two....

Jeff said...

I am using Safari, so it is Safari and Firefox. When I just highlighted it in the browser window nothing but I then cut and pasted it into word and there it was. Go figure.

Ryan said...


Im gonna have to work on this one, my html isnt the best so it may take a bit but Ill get it figured out

BTW I appreciate the heads up with safari

Ryan said...

Alright guys, I think I may have fixed the problem

Damn CSS vs html crap, I didnt include both in the text formatting

I know at least that I can view the table in Firefox now, can you let me know if it works in Safari?

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