Saturday, June 27, 2009

Peppermint Mead (Metheglin) First Tasting

Appearance - Very pale yellow, reminiscent of a white wine, no head or bubbles, extremely clear, in fact Im surprised how clear it is being as young as it is

Aroma - Strong Peppermint aroma when bottle is poured, honey is noticeable but dominated by the mint.

Taste - Reminds me of a traditional mead with a bit of a white wine character when it first hits the palate, the mint then becomes dominant, with a bit of a raw honey taste and mint lasting into the finish, a slight sour note is also detected throughout that I'm not sure if I like or not, alcohol is extremely well hidden

Mouthfeel - A bit thin, not really sure why there is no carbonation, a bad bottle perhaps? Only time will tell, other versions of the mead with ale yeast have carbonated very well, maybe the mint oil is an issue? This definitely could benefit from at least a touch of carbonation to increase the body a bit

Drinkability - An interesting take on a mead (metheglin) I really like peppermint and the cooling sensation you get from eating it, and this carried over well into the metheglin, it would pair very well with lamb chops instead of the mint jelly, or with a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream

Notes/Thoughts - Still young, as with other meads/braggots Ive made that raw honey flavor that is present in the finish substantially dissipates after 6-8mos in the bottle, Mint is not as strong as I had hoped, higher dosing in subsequent batches might be beneficial, as I can only expect this to dissipate with time, I am also very disappointed in the lack of carbonation and I'm not really sure why that happened, Overall I'm pleased with this portion of the experiment, and Ive learned a lot about using peppermint

Brewday "Mead with Ale Yeast Experiment" 3/24/2009 - Recipe & Notes

Mead with Ale Yeast Update - 4/4/2009 - Notes


Anonymous said...

Mint is an antiseptic and anti bacterial in many mixtures, so I would suspect that.

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