Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smoked Ale - Review

Appearance - Ruby brown, very clear, 2 finger cream colored head that slowly fades to a thin cap with heavy lacing

Aroma - Smokey, but not overly strong, even though its peat it reminds me of bacon

Taste - slightly sweet upfront with some nuttiness, smoke is all in the finish, bitterness is restrained and it lets the smoke really shine.

Mouthfeel - medium body, with medium carbonation, fits the beer pretty well

Drinkability - Good beer, not nearly as smokey as I was hoping, but it actually worked out better that way. I tasted it when bottling and the peat malt came across a bit rough on the palate, this has since smoothed out and the hints of smoke are a really nice touch with a hamburger or steak. I planned this as a bbq beer, but I find myself drinking at random times with other meals as well, as the smoke really mixes well with a lot of food. This is definitely a good beer to pair with meat dishes.

Notes/Thoughts - Smokiness came out a bit more subdued than I was originally planning, which is a good thing, I think you could easily use another 0.5# of peat malt in this beer to make it more smokey although it might be a bit more one dimensional. After using peat for the first time I think that you could use 1# very easily in a porter or stout without having the flavor come across too strong. I think this will be an annual summer beer, although I will probably play with different smoked malts each time. Ill have to try and save a bottle to compare

Brewday 4/11/09 - Recipe & Notes


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