Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bread with Hefeweizen Beer Yeast

Ive experimented in the past with brewers yeast in breads, but have had mixed results. Some loaves were great, some didn't rise, and some had strange flavors. The ones that did turn out really didn't show any surprising qualities that would make me choose it over a normal loaf of bread. Granted all the yeasts I had used were fairly neutral, and I didn't expect much, if anything from them.

During the summer months I enjoy having a traditional hefeweizen around, although not as much for me as my friends. Still I really like the flavor combination of clove, banana, and some fruitiness (bubblegum, lichi, apple - try 3638). They compliment each other very well, and produce a tasty beer.

I'm hoping that I can get these flavors to shine in a loaf of bread. A nice sweet bread to start the morning off, with hints of clove and banana, just like drinking a hef for breakfast! This first recipe is just a basic bread to see if I can get the yeast to produce its typical esters, if it works I plan on rebaking a sweet bread to compliment the flavors.

Hefeweizen Bread

3.0 C Bread Flour
1.0 C Flat Bavarian Hefe
0.5 C Spent Grain

2tsp Salt
1tsp Bavarian Hefe Yeast Cake

Night before you want to eat the bread, mix half of flour and salt in a bowl, warm beer to ~90F, add yeast and liquid to flour and mix. Allow the sponge to sit ~20min, then mix in remaining ingredients. Knead the dough until smooth and elastic (adding more flour if necessary) Oil a bowl and place the dough ball in, cover or place a damp towel over the top. Allow to rise overnight in a cool location.

2hrs prior to baking knead dough down and allow to rise. Place dough on a pizza stone and cover with an oven safe bowl, or use a dutch oven, this keeps moisture in the bread

Bake at 450F for 15min
Bake at 400F for 15min
Bake at 350F for 15min

Cool and eat

I'll post a pic in the coming days of the bread (hopefully amazingly flavored and a nice presentation) and a full review



robert said...

How did your hefe bread come out? I'm really curious to know!

Ryan said...

I have a review posted on another page that I forgot to add a link to, I have now fixed this

But it was a bit disappointing, but Im chalking that up to using old hefe yeast, I think with something a bit fresher and using some malt powder in the bread things could be different

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