Thursday, April 16, 2009

Witbier - First Tasting

Appearance - Very light gold, nice and hazy, one and a half finger head that slowly dissipates leaving moderate lacing

Aroma - Slightly spicy, subdued orange aroma

Taste - Nice and spicy, has the perfect phenolics for a wit, although they are all a bit subtle, would be nice if they were stronger, hints of orange and coriander in the finish, with a slight CO2 bite

Mouthfeel - Perfect, high carbonation, good thick body from the oats and unmalted wheat, yet still feels light because of the carbonation

Drinkability - Very easy to drink 3 or 4, not much alcohol here either so its a very refreshing brew on a hot day, which is exactly what I was hoping for!

Notes/Thoughts - the phenolics from the yeast were a bit subdued for my liking, next time I would ferment a lot warmer than I did (63F), I think I'll let this one get up in the low 70's, as that's where the starter was fermented and it was perfect, Body is great, maybe slightly thicker than I prefer but that's what you get from using 11% oats! I used a very light touch with the orange peel and coriander, I think you could easily double or triple both and have a very tasty beer, I may give it a shot next time, but I usually prefer to have spices confined to the background. This one might get brewed again this summer because its going so quick!

Brewday 3/5/09 - Recipe & Notes


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