Saturday, April 11, 2009

Smoked Ale

Summer is upon us now and BBQ season is about to be in full swing soon. If you ask me there's nothing better with a nice grilled steak/burger than a smoked beer. The two are made for one another. If you haven't tried a smoked beer I suggest going out and getting one to try with a grilled burger, Stones' smoked porter is a good place to start out. Word of caution though, your about to have a food experience that you wont forget!

For this beer I wanted something smokey, but still a bit malt oriented and fairly light - I want it to sneak up on the unsuspecting! So I did a grain bill with mostly 2-row, and a little bit of light chocolate for some depth. Hopefully it will be smokey enough with 1/4# peated, if not I may do a mini-mash later on to add some more smoke flavors. I used peated here instead of rauchmalt becasue the stuff my LHBS had mustve been pretty old because when I tasted the grain there was zero smokiness to it at all, when they opened the peated, it instantly smelled like a peat fire. Next time I will use the rauchmalt or even the smoked malt from Briess that is smoked with cherry wood.

Smoked Ale - A BBQ Beer

5.25gal: OG 1048
IBU 18: Eff 83%

8.00 lb 2-Row
0.25 lb Pale Chocolate
0.25 lb 60L
0.25 lb Peated Malt

0.35 oz Sorachi Ace (14%) 60min


152F - 45min
168F - 25min (vorlauf)

First Tasting - 5/16/2009


Russ said...

Ryan, have you ever tried a beer made with the Briess smoked malt? This weekend I had a Rauchbier at Goose Island that said it was made with cherry-smoked malt (I figure it had to be Briess). There may have been other things going on that impacted the flavor, but it really seemed to me that the cherry-smoked malt was quite distinct from your traditional beechwood-smoked Bamberger Rauchmalz. It was sweeter and tangier. I'd love to hear from somebody else to find out if this was indeed the result of the different wood used to smoke the malt or if it was just a coincidence.

Ryan said...

I would have to say that you are correct, and its the different wood that is giving the different flavors

peat and rauchmalt are substantially different, so is a steak cooked over mesquite vs apple wood etc

I plan on getting some of the Briess cherry smoked malt soon and making a small batch, Im also thinking of smoking a bit of malt myself with mesquite and see how that turns out

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