Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mead with Ale Yeast - Update

Well in only 11 days the US05 ripped through the honey like it was nothing. The yeast dropped and it has been sparkling clear now for ~3days. I would have racked sooner, but I swirled the yeast back into suspension to make sure it was really done, and it dropped back out, so I checked gravity...... 0.990

I tasted a bit and it's slightly fruity, with a very slight sourness, very dry with hints of honey in the aroma. The body is very very light, but I believe this will work well with champagne-like carbonation. I'm really looking forward to this one.

As you can see I split this one up into 3 small carboys. I plan on adding freshly picked orange blossoms to one, dried peppermint to another and bottling one plain to taste the contributions of each of the spices.

Brewday 3/24/09 - Notes & Recipe


Garrett Munro said...

hey man,

Any follow up on this? I'm looking at dropping some 05 US ale yeast in some mead myself, would love further commentary or reflection on final product

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