Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blonde Ale III

So way back when, my very first all grain brew was a blonde ale. It's funny most people would suggest against a first timer doing something so light, I mean there's nothing for off flavors or bad techniques to hide behind in a blonde ale the flavor is just too light and subtle. As it turns out though, it was my best beer I had made at the time, and has come back in nearly the same form each year since.

Now somethings have changed here and there, different yeasts each time, slightly more vienna, but the recipe is essentially the same it was when I made it 3yrs ago for the first time. My efficiency has gone up considerably since then so the beers character has changed mostly as a response to that (65% eff my first time, now sitting at ~92%)

This recipe makes a very easy drinking beer, that's easy to find yourself putting back 3, 4 or more of on a hot Arizona day, and you'll never feel it. Its very crisp, light, has a very bready grainy taste, with just a hint of hops. I made kind of a weird batch size for this one (7.5gal) but I am trying to build up a stock of beer so that I can have some variety later in the summer. If you try making it yourself Id suggest only adjusting the pils/vienna to get to the target OG based on your efficiency. Right now though the same malt bill will make a 5.5gal, 1046 beer with 70% eff

Blonde Ale III

OG 1044: IBU 16: 7.5gal: 91% eff

5.5 lbs German Pilsner
3.0 lbs Vienna Malt
1.0 lbs Carapils/Dextrine Malt
0.5 lbs Honey Malt

0.75 oz Sterling (8.7%) 60min
0.50 oz Sterling (8.7%) KO


150F - 60min
168F - 26min (vorlauf)

Notes: This years version included 1# carapils instead of 0.5# wheat - it was added to help with body/head retention after my efficiency jump 20% since the last time I made the beer: Yeast is different again this year, so far US04 and Nottingham have been used, and I far prefer the US04 to Notty: Sterling a hop I haven't used before is being showcased, the beers not very hoppy but I should be able to see what this hop has to offer: Vorlaufed for 20min, chilled to ~65F and pitched US05 directly into wort: Wort turned out a bit darker than I was expecting, I hope the new guy working at my LHBS didn't mess up my malt bill

First Tasting - 5/6/09


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