Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bavarian Hefeweizen

I'm trying to build up a stock of homebrew that will, hopefully, last me a couple months. The next few months are gonna be extremely busy with work, business trips, travel, and a new house, so I'm not going to have much time for brewing. In the off chance that I do have time I really want to get in a few more sours/brett beers going. So, I really need to brew up some tasty summer beers that will go down easy on hot days, that being said I plan on brewing up an ESB, a hefe, and I have a smoked beer in the primary already (tasty with BBQ)

This week I'm getting in the hefe, extra hands always make a decoction easier :) I haven't made a weizen in quite awhile so this will be a nice beer to have around. Most homebrewers go to hefeweizen yeast, is wyeast 3068, but I far prefer 3638. Both are supposedly from Weihenstephaner, just different strains. 3638 produces a far fruitier beer than 3068 with all the clove and banana goodness the latter. Because if makes a fruitier beer I tend to add some honey to dry it out a bit to compensate. At any rate I highly suggest anyone who loves 3068 to at least give 3638 one shot, I think you'll start to prefer it as well.

Bavarian Hefeweizen

5.5gal: IBU 13: OG 1046: 77% Eff

4.0 lbs Pilsner
4.0 lbs Wheat Malt
0.5 lbs Honey

0.25 oz Sorachi Ace (14%) 60min

Bavarian Hefe - Wyeast 3638

Mash - Double Decoction

10min @ 105F - Infusion
40min @ 152F - Decoction
20min @ 168F - Decoction

Notes: Honey was added at flame out: Decoction rest temps are a bit weird, if your used to doing decoctions your probably asking wheres the 120-130F temp rest, well Ive found with the highly modified malts that are available you really have to watch how long you rest in that temp range, as it can really screw with the body of the beer, and when doing a decoction its very hard to only have a short rest in that range, so I skip it, Try skipping it I guarantee you'll notice an improvement in the body of your beer: 2.5L starter was built on a stir plate for this beer: My efficiency has dropped a bit the past two beer, this is what happens when you used the LHBS's crush!

Bread made with Hefe Yeast

Bavarian Hefeweizen Review 4/22/09


matt kenney said...

What temp did you ferment at?

matt kenney said...

What temperature did you ferment at?

Ryan said...

I believe it was around 65F

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