Thursday, March 5, 2009


This was an unplanned brew really, but when you have access fresh Seville oranges you can't pass them up. And what better beer to make than a witbier, after all Seville orange peel is a traditional ingredient. The dried orange peel that you’ve probably seen in your LHBS is a waste of money; it won’t provide the flavor/aroma you’re looking for and is very expensive, I really suggest going out and getting fresh oranges and zesting them yourself. Be careful when zesting though you don’t want to get any of the pith (white stuff) it will lead to an unpleasant bitterness in your beer. Which is probably one of the biggest reasons the dried stuff is bad, it’s mostly pith, seriously, look at it next time you in your LHBS.

Now Seville oranges aren’t the easiest thing to come by, in fact I’ve never seen then sold commercially anywhere. Luckily the ASU campus is filled with Seville orange trees just ripe for the picking! If you can’t find Seville oranges I suggest getting tangerines, as they have a very similar fragrance in the peel.

During this brew I also was teaching a buddy how to brew AG, it probably wasn’t the best beer to do, as the high percentage of unmalted grains made things a bit trickier, and I did a cereal mash, but he got the idea, and is moving to AG himself very soon


OG 1049: IBU 13: 5.75gal: 85% eff

5.0 lbs Pilsner Malt
4.0 lbs Flaked Red Winter Wheat
1.0 lbs Flaked Oates
0.5 lbs Rice Hulls

0.25 oz Sorachi Ace (60min)
15.0 gm Seville Orange Peel
0.25 oz Crushed Indian Coriander

Wyeast 3944 Witbier

Cereal Mash

Unmalted grains were placed in a pot with ~2lbs of Pils, then were brought through the steps listed below, before being boiled, this was then added back into the main mash that was resting at 122F, this brought the mash up to 152F

122F - 15min
152F - 60min
168F - 20min (recirculation)

First Tasting 4/16/09

Witbier pt Deux - 4/5/2010


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