Thursday, March 12, 2009

What the Funk? - A Brett and Wine Beer

So the past few days I have been going back and forth with a fellow BA'er, Dreadnatty, about different beers involving brett lambicus or wyeast old ale 9097. And he had an idea that I really liked alot. It was too good an idea, so..... I stole it and put my own twist onto it. I'm hoping that we can eventually do a trade, I'm very interested in how each of our beers would taste side by side.

This was really a spur of the moment brew, which is starting to be a trend, and I didn't mash in until 630pm, I'm actually finishing the boil as I type! But its actually been one of my smoother/quicker brewdays, I should be finished in about 4hrs, not bad I'd say.

What the Funk? - A Brett and Wine Beer
OG 1055: IBU 16: 5gal

8.0 lb 2-Row
0.5 lb Acid Malt - Added when Sparging

1.0 oz Medium Toast Oak Cubes
0.3 oz Zeus (16.4%) 60min

750ml Merlot - reduced to 375mL

Wyeast Old Ale 9097 Yeast Cake

Notes: Acid malt was added when sparging so as to not effect mash pH; From what Ive been told, in the absence of O2, Brett L will throw off much more cherry character, so Im pitching a very large slurry of 9097 and will not aerate: Reduced Merlot will be added to secondary

Dan's - aka Dreadnatty's version


Dan said...

Hey Ryan, I finally stumbled upon your blog, nice stuff.
I'm racking the Brett L stout today and saving a ton of the slurry for both Mike and the wheat/vanilla beer. The pellicle on it has really been great. I'll likely find a more cherry like wine, perhaps some Pinot or Cali Cab and probably 2oz of oak vs. your 1. I'll let you know the final recipe when I get around to brewing it.

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