Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Schwarzbier - Review

So I finally got off my lazy but and decided to review the schwarzbier I brewed back in January. Ive been drinking this now for ~2wks. Fermentation went very smoothly and quickly, finished up in about 2-3wks. I racked and have been cold conditioning since.

Appearance - Dark Black, with a very light creamy 2 finger head that slowly dissipates leaving nice lacing

Aroma - slightly toasty, caramelly, a bit of noble hops poking through

Taste - slight caramel flavor, crisp, some toasty/bready notes, moderate bitterness that lingers pleasantly, very little to no roasty flavors with a dry finish. Very different beer cold vs warm, smooth and bitter when cold, more malty as it warms

Mouthfeel - Medium body, medium to high carbonation, body is pretty good and fits it well

Drinkability - OK beer, definitely could be more malty/caramelly than it is, hop presence is good and I wouldn't change that at all, I prefer this one pretty cold to start so I can enjoy how it changes as it warms up. Nice dry/bitter finish that makes you want to take another drink

- A few changes and this one will be a regular in my rotation, style wise this is dead on, although I would prefer it to have a bit more of a caramel/munich presence than it does. Bitterness is perfect so no change there, I think I will do a double decoction next time and use a bit more caramunich for more malt depth. I think I will also use Saflager W34/70 the Weihenstephaner lager strain to accentuate the malt flavor.

Carafa II cap during the sparge had the exact effect I was shooting for: minimal roast flavors and a jet black color, I plan on using this technique again for other dark beers that I prefer to have minimal roast flavors


Hunington Sachs said...

Wow, what an incredible looking beer. This is high on my list to brew next.

Ryan said...

Hey thanks I appreciate it

Id be very interested in your experience with the recipe if you were to brew it

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