Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old Fuzz Update - A fortified Old Ale

Today I bottled a bit of my fortified old ale, I decided to fortify, sweeten and bottle 2gallons, leaving the last gallon to be carbed in the bottle. I didn't take a gravity reading because I had so little and didn't want to waste any on a hydrometer sampling, on its own it was earthy, bready, some subtle hints of banana and a bit funky with a slightly warming finish. I think the earthiness that Wyeast Old Ale 9097 gives off is very smooth and if you like brett/funky beers you should pick up a pack

The fortified part I decided to go with a 375mL bottle of everclear, that I soaked some medium toast oak cubes in for a day or so, I used everclear to minimize the flavor contributions from the alcohol, it was then sweetened to taste with ~0.75lbs of buckwheat honey. While I don't know an exact alcohol content, It was at ~1030 about a week before I bottled this so the fortified beer should be in the 17-18% abv range

The remaining gallon will get a small starter of Lalvin EC1118 to finish out the beer and carbonate (12% is the alc tolerance of 9097)

Brewday 2/23/09 - Recipe & Notes


gib0r said...

I've been looking into doing something very similar, possibly with a single malt whiskey.

I can't seem to find any further updates on this experiment. How did Old fuzz turn out, and do you have any tips?

Ryan said...

I havent yet tried it, with how high the abv was I thought Id let it sit a good long while before I drank it

If you looking for high ABV tips, here is a good link

for simply fortifying I would say to go very very slowly and taste a lot, I would even say do it over several days, as after a few tastes your tastebuds might be a bit fatigued

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