Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mead Experiment - Mead with Ale Yeast

So Ive been running low of my last batch of mead (made in 06) and thought it was time to make up something again. Lately however Ive been in the habit of using ale yeasts in ciders and have really preferred the results to the wine yeasts I have used in the past. The body has been better, flavor profiles are cleaner or exhibit esters that I believe blend better with the various fruit ciders I have made (nottingham in cider is great)

So I thought why not give this a shot in mead. There is a general consensus that Lalvin D47 is the way to go, although Ive always preferred to use Lalvin K1V116 (very fast clean fermentor) Admittedly I didn't do much background research until after I brewed this one up, but others have attempted a mead using ale yeast, one group even did a large experiment with a bunch of yeasts on the same honey base. Hopefully this turns out fairly well, I doubt I will be as picky as some of the tasters in the experiment (I'm a beer guy anyway)

I also plan on splitting this up into several 1gallon trial batches that will have various flowers, spices etc added to see if anything warrants a full batch. I kept this one pretty light, its more ofa hydromel (a lower gravity mead) than a regular mead, because I plan on priming and bottle conditioning them all with a medium amount of carbonation


OG 1063: 5gal

7.5 lb Raw Desert Honey
0.5 tsp Fermaid
0.5 tsp DAP/Fermaid (added when fermentation slows)

US05 American Ale Yeast

Notes: Water was dechlorinated then 2gal warmed to ~90F to help dissolve honey, after honey was dissolved the remaining water was added, when the temperature of the honey water reached ~65F the US05 was added (after being rehydrated): Fermentation temp is ~72F

Update 4/4/09 - w/Pictures

Peppermint Metheglin First Tasting - 6/27/09


Anonymous said...

Hey this is a really cool blog. I've run across it a few times in the past year while reading about mead. Currently trying my second attempt at a basic mead with wlp 028. Cheers!

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