Sunday, March 8, 2009

Buckwheat Braggot

This was a small trial batch (1.25gal) prior to brewing something a bit bigger in size with buckwheat, and was definitely a learning experience. I eat buckwheat quite often for breakfast, and I am constantly surprised by the amazingly nutty aroma of toasted buckwheat groats. The resulting wort had an amazing nutty/earthy aroma and I really wanted a taste but the batch is so small I didn't want to take any out of it. I really hope to retain a lot of the nutty flavor from the buckwheat and a nice earthy/molasses flavor from some buckwheat honey in the finished product.

Buckwheat Braggot

OG 1090: IBU 31: 1.25gal

1.0 lb 2-Row
1.0 lb Buckwheat Groats
0.2 lb Rice Hulls
1.0 lb Buckwheat Honey @ KO

0.1 oz Zeus (16.4%) 60min

Step Mash
122F - 148F - 155F - 168F

Notes: Buckwheat was toasted in a pan, until a nice amber color, with some kernels much darker: After toasting buckwheat was allowed to cool, and then crushed very finely: Buckwheat is very gelatinous, a more thorough glucanase rest might be beneficial:

First Tasting - 7/1/2009


smokingbottle said...

how did this one turn out? I have been thinking of something very similar.

Ryan said...

Its still in the bottle, Ive found that in general braggots need at least 6mos or more to come into their own, I plan on cracking the first one towards the end of the summer, when I do I'll post a review

I will say though, that if you do anything with buckwheat, plan on having a TON of ricehulls handy

smokingbottle said...

I really want to play with buckwheat, but believe it or not, i can't buy ricehulls here in Belgium. I'll have to find them. maybe i can order them from the UK. Seems a shame tp ship something so light though.

Ryan said...

hmmm maybe some wheat chaff?? or save some spent grains from another batch, let them dry and use that in the buckwheat beer

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