Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictish Ale - Homebrew BIF

Awhile back on Beer Advocate a homebrew beer it forward was planned out by Jettanbass, who did a great job by the way. I just recently received the reviews of the beers I sent out, and thought I'd share some of the feedback on one of the beers. Reviewed by Leftist Coast, who I must thank for the frank feedback on my beers, I love critisism, without it, its much harder to improve

The beer, a Pictish Ale, which is a beer brewed sans hops, with only the addition of heather tips for bitterness and flavor/aroma. It was brewed last summer at the height of the hop shortage, and strangely, to me at least, has been loved by everyone whose tasted it, this has quite surprised me

Pictish Ale

OG 1075: FG 1019: 0 IBU: 80% Eff

5.5 lb Pilsner Malt
3.5 lb White Wheat Malt
2.5 lb Honey
1.5 oz Heather Tips (60min)
2.5 oz Heather Tips (5min)
US05 - Fermented @ 68F

135F - 15min
155F - 60min


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