Sunday, February 15, 2009

Candy Sugar Update

So I got some time to do the all sucrose version of the
candy sugar today. Everything was done the same as last time, same boil temp, time, same amount of sugar, except that it was all sucrose. On to the review....

TypeAll SucroseSucrose/Fructose
ColorAmberDark Amber
TasteBurnt Marshmallows, ToffeeBurt Marshmallows (stronger),Toffee, Fruity, Dark Fruit, a bit sweeter
SmellBurnt MarshmallowsBurnt Marshmallows, Fruity

The differences between the two weren’t all that great, although the fructose version was much fruitier. Comparing the fructose granules to the table sugar, the fructose tasted very fruity anyway. I'm not sure what the differences will be in a finished beer that will be the next step. Although I won’t get to do much with it until the pineapple ciders are finished, or I pony up and buy some more 1gal jugs. More updates to come!

Dark Candy Sugar / Caramel - Recipe & Procedure


Nato said...

I've been reading a lot about candi sugar vs table sugar and I came across this. Very interesting stuff. Good to know about the fructose/glucose differences.

Have you tried using your homemade caramel in any brews yet?

Ryan said...

Ha, I wish I wouldve been able to, I had an ant infestation pop up just after making the sugar, and it turns out candy sugar is one of an ants favorite foods

Ill have to give this another try again soon, I just have to wait until a couple smaller fermentors open up

Nato said...

This got me thinking about using just glucose for candy sugar also. It's pretty easy to find dextrose at home brew stores, and it's not too pricey. If I get a chance to try it I'll let you know how it goes.

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