Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Berliner Weisse First Tasting

So I finally got around to tasting the weisse I brewed ~2months ago. Grabbed one of the 12oz I did for tasting along the way - don't wanna waste a bomber if its not peaking. I did the tasting straight up, as well as with some homemade raspberry syrup. Now onto the review......

Appearance - Very pale, slight haze(lacto is fluffy) hopefully it will compact with age, very bubbly, thin long lasting head

Aroma - wheat, hint of some funkiness

Taste - Very wheaty, nice caramelization from the decoction you can really taste the difference it makes in a light beer like this, sourness is very subtle and not quite what I was hoping for

Mouthfeel - Very light, but the huge amount of carbonation makes up for it

Drinkability - A good beer, still far too green, a bit wheaty which I hope will fade as it ages, sourness is too subtle for my tastes but still there, next time I'm going to not hop this at all because the wyeast/whitelabs lacto is way too intolerant of IBU's, Overall this is something thats very easy to drink, and will be great when the summer rolls around, I preferred it without syrup, but SWMBO liked the syrup addition, little too sweet for my tastes though

Notes/Thoughts - Next time I plan on letting the lacto take ahold better before pitching the sacch, and dropping the hops from essentially nonexistent to none, this is due to the lacto strain wyeast/whitelabs offer, it is very sensitive to iso-acids, hopefully doing all of this will make it a bit more sour. I like the gravity where it is, but I could see myself bumping this up a bit making the body a bit more substantial, but we'll see this as this ones still very green....

Brewday 12/23/08 - Recipe & Notes


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