Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today I took the day off and brewed a schwarzbier, I'd been planning to do this for awhile, and had been constantly editing the recipe. Most schwarzbiers I've tried, either from homebrewers or american craft brewers, I've found to be far too roasty, and almost always they remind me of a porter. To minimize this in my beer, I capped the mash with Carafa II Special during sparging, to only get the color and very little flavor from the malt. Below you can see the color of the runnings before and after the cap of carafa , To get the color I powdered the malt with a coffee grinder(below as well)

I wanted something nice and malty, yet I wanted a significant bitterness, the balance will be tipped toward the malt, but not by that much

1054: 29IBU: 21.2SRM

3.5 lb German Pils
5.5 lb Dark Munich
0.5 lb CaraMunich
5.0 oz Carafa II Special

1.00 oz Mt Hood 5.8% 60min
0.50 oz Mt Hood 5.8% 20min
0.75 oz Mt Hood 5.8% 5min

Saflager S23

The wort tasted great during the sparge, lots of toffee and caramel flavors, but after the boil it was extremely bitter, I experienced this with another beer using the same bag of hops, at the time I thought it was something leaching from fittings etc, and I dumped the beer, this one has the same rough edge and is very bitter, I'd ballpark it in the 45IBU range not 30!!, equipment is different and all stainless now, so it has to be the hops, I wonder if they were mislabeled and are somethin else?? It might be that they are not whole cones and look as though they are from the bottom of the batch, smells like a noble hop though, hopefully its not too bitter - eh its gonna lager for quite awhile anyway, maybe I'll just let it sit longer


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