Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pineapple Sour / Cider

I was enjoying some of last year's apple cider, thinking about brewing up another batch, next thing I know pineapples jump into my head. The wheels start turning and I think, what the hell, lets give it a try. So I went out and bought 1.5gal of pineapple juice.

But, Ive been brewing a lot of sours lately, and just happened to have a yeast cake from my berliner weisse, So I decided to do a clean version, and a sour/funky version, and hope that one of them turns out.

Pineapple has a lot of acid in it, in fact this is why I enjoy the fruit so much, unfortunately too much acid in a cider/wine can be a bad thing. Fortunately there's a wine yeast that metabolizes acid. Unfortunately the yeast Lalvin 71B-1122 (Narbonne) only metabolizes malic acid, which isn't the primary acid in pineapple juice, but it does account for 15-20% of it, so this should take the edge off of both the cider and the sour version. Normally I wouldn't use a wine yeast in a cider - I just don't like how dry they turn out - I feel like its necessary to make this one turn out, but only time will tell.

However all this talk about acid seems counter intuitive in a sour, and I agree it does, and Im not sure I will pitch 71B in this version, it will be a decision to make after I taste it in a month or two.

Pineapple Cider

0.75 gal Pineapple Juice
0.75 lb Table Sugar
1/16 tsp Fermaid

Lalvin 71B-1122

Pineapple Sour

0.75 gal Pineapple Juice
0.75 lb Table Sugar
1/16 tsp Fermaid

Berliner Weisse Yeast Cake (Lacto + US05)

OG: 1077

First Tasting - 6/1/09

2nd Tasting - 3/3/10


Eric said...

Where did you get the pineapple juice, and how was it packaged, ie, canned, bottled, fresh-squeezed, etc. Sounds intriguing!

Ryan said...

I just got a hold of the canned juice for a try

Fresh squeezed juice is amazing, but you need to be in a pineapple growing area to get really good fruit,

there is a world of difference between the grocery store pineapples and a freshly cut ripe fruit in someplace like Nicaragua, costa rica, hawaii etc

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