Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oaked Apple Cider 2008 - First Tasting

Just popped open a bottle of this year’s version of my hard apple cider

It was brewed last new years day (1/1/08), so it’s just about a year old, tastes great! This year I added some lactose for body, and oaked it for about a month, also I tried Nottingham for a change vs my normal wine yeast

The lactose added some needed body, and the oak is very subtle, mostly at the finish, definitely could add more in next year’s version

I really like the bit of residual sugar the Nottingham left, and the apple flavor is a bit more pronounced than when I’ve used K1V116 or D47

Fermentation was started with only a gallon of juice + corn sugar, additional amounts (0.5gal) were added once fermentation had died down. This helps to perserve much more apple flavor/aroma that letting it all go at once. This is because it really helps to minimize the scrubbing action of the CO2

For those out there using Beersmith, you can add apple juice to the ingredients list as an extract, typical apple juice is 11-13Brix, or roughly 1044. Unfortunately there’s no way to list it as per gallon and have increases in apple juice affect the batch volume, instead you’ll just have to remember that 1lb is one gallon of juice and make sure the batch size matches up

Oaked Apple Cider 2008

2.5 gal Apple Juice 55.56%
1.0 lbs Corn Sugar 22.22%
1.0 lbs Lactose 22.22%
0.5 oz Medium Toast Oak Chips

Nottingham Ale Yeast

OG 1063
FG 1010
Abv 6.9%


Dan said...

I have 1 or 2 bottles left of an "imperial cider" I made a couple years ago that included some stellar local, raw cider, 1# of Org. Succanat (sp) sugar, 1.5# Org. Thompson raisins and 4oz of French oak (5gal). If we ever get this swap going, I'd be happy to give up a bottle. Oxidation is sweeping in, and it's just fantastic now.

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